Biohazard Spill Kits

In accordance with OSHA safety standards, all businesses must have an exposure control plan for any employees who are at risk of exposure to contaminated materials during the fulfillment of their occupational duties. This plan should be designed to reduce or eliminate contact with bloodborne pathogens, and should specifically address response procedures to incidents like spills of potentially infectious fluids. The proper equipment should be provided to safely remove and dispose of spilled fluids and to disinfect the contaminated area. The safest product for performing this task is a bloodborne pathogen spill kit.



Large Biohazard Spill Kit

Each Spill Kit Contains: goggles, gloves, facemask, head cap, coveralls, an 8 oz. Sanizide Plus Bottle, a 15 oz. Red Z bottle of solidifier, 2 P.A.W.S. Antimicrobial Wipes, two 24"x24" red biohazard bags with twist ties, two 12"x12" absorbent sheets, and an 8 qt. sharps container.

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Biohazard Spill Kit

Each Spill Kit Contains: Goggles, Gloves, Face Mask, Protective Apron, Red-Z Pouch (Solidifying Agent), Identification Tag, Red Bag With Closure, Instructions, Disinfectant Wipes, Scoop And Scraper To Pick Up Solidified Spill

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