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    Mail Your Sharps, Inc. is a national provider of Mail-Back Sharps Disposal Systems, along with many other mail-back disposal and recycling services. Our programs are approved by the US Postal Service, and we comply with all federal and state regulations. Our mail-back programs are designed to be extremely convenient and economical. Our mail-back services are very simple and easy to use. After ordering, simply fill the container and mail it back for destruction using the pre-paid postage.
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1 Gallon Medical Waste with Spill Kit Mail-Back Disposal System:


Each kit includes 1 gallon mail-back kit, nitrile gloves - size large, 2pr, impervious gown, combo mask/safety shield, head cap, shoe covers - 1pr, 21g green-z solidifier, scoop & scraper, red bio-hazard disposal bag, sanizide plus germicidal spray, twist tie, identification tag, wiper towel, p.a.w.s. antimicrobial hand wipe, and instructions. Container Size: 8.375" x 8". Each registered system includes shipping, container, liner, liner tie, instructions, tape, return shipping box, manifest paperwork, return shipping, proper disposal and certificates of destruction.

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The mail-back sharps program is designed for syringes, lancets, needles including those used in tattoo and body piercing studios, other sharps and small amounts of medical waste. The mail-back program consists of a U.S. Postal Service approved sharps collection container, ranging in size from 1.4 quarts to 3 gallons, protective bag liner, third party bar coded tracking, destruction manifest for Regulated Medical Waste & Sharps and a postage paid U.S. Postal Service approved return box.

Key features of the Mail Your Sharps mail- back program include the destruction of the waste in an EPA certified facility, manifest confirmation of destruction, independent third party tracking of the waste, and an easy to use e-commerce web store. Also with no contracts to sign, users can dispose of their full sharps containers on their schedule instead of on a contracted schedule. Each one of our systems is assigned a unique permit by the U.S. Postal Service allowing us to receive sharps waste through the mail.


  • The Impact of Sharps and Medical Waste on the Environment

      For decades, incineration has been a standard method for disposing of sharps and medical waste.  The process of incineration, however, poses enormous environmental and health concerns.  Pollutants are a natural byproduct of combustion, and a serious concern in today's world.  Some of the most dangerous emissions from incineration are dioxins and mercury, which can travel far from their source and become integrated into the crops and livestock that humans rely on for food.  Read More
  • Dental Amalgam - The Environmental Effects of Mercury

      Due to its unique properties, mercury is a useful, versatile component of many modern tools.  This substance is found often in its liquid elemental state, in devices such as barometers, manometers, thermometers, and thermostats.  Despite the numerous common uses of mercury, however, it is one of the most harmful of the heavy metals. Read More
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Our mission is to "Save Money Through Better Sharps Management". All of our products are developed around this ideal. This philosophy has been the driving force for the company for almost fifteen years. We see this as a great challenge and a great opportunity. For us, it all starts with Innovation.

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