How to Dispose of Other Sharps Containers


5GMWV4Mail Your Sharps, Inc. can dispose of sharps containers that were purchased elsewhere.  In order to ship sharps and other medical waste material through the mail, the US Postal Service assigns a permit to each of our containers in combination with the packaging in which they are shipped.  Therefore, we cannot take any other containers by themselves.  However, our Mail-Back Medical Waste Disposal Containers can be used to dispose of your existing puncture-resistant containers.  Place them inside the Medical Waste Container and then ship the system for destruction using the pre-paid postage.

It is recommended that you compare the dimensions of our medical waste containers to the dimensions of your current sharps containers to decide which size would best suit your needs, and to make sure that your current sharps containers will fit inside of our container.

Our Mail-Back Medical Waste Disposal Containers cannot contain any loose sharps.

Mail Your Sharps, Inc. is a national provider of Mail-Back Sharps Systems, which are ideal for the disposal of needles, syringes, and lancets.  Our programs are approved by the US Postal Service, and comply with all federal and state regulations. We also supply mail-back services for Medical Waste, Amalgam, Mercury, Lead Foil, and many others.

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