Now Offering SolmeteX Dental Amalgam Separators


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Mail Your Sharps, Inc. is proud to announce that we are now distributing SolmeteX Dental Amalgam Separators. The EPA is encouraging dentists to utilize amalgam separators now, in preparation for new dental amalgam regulations that take effect in 2012. We now supply economical and user friendly Dental Amalgam Separators in multiple sizes, as well as replacement collection containers that include recycling.


Benefits of our Dental Amalgam Separators:

 Simple container change process:

  • Packaging for delivery to certified recycler
  • No middleman required for disposal
  • Recycling certificate issued to practice
  • No tools required, no mess


  • Wall mounted or free standing
  • Wet or dry vacuum systems


  • Maintenance free
  • Two minute container change out
  • Collection container changed with no tools
  • Clear collection container lets you see when it's full

Additional benefits:

  • No contracts with hidden fees
  • No electricity
  • No daily maintenance or decanting
  • No pumps
  • No timer
  • No additional charges for shipping to recycling facility


Dental Amalgam Effluent Guideline - http://water.epa.gov/scitech/wastetech/guide/dental/index.cfm

Memorandum of Understanding on Reducing Dental Amalgam Discharges - http://water.epa.gov/scitech/wastetech/guide/dental/upload/2008_12_31_guide_dental_mou.pdf