• Dental Waste

    Mail Your Sharps Offers:Dental Amalgam Recycling, Dental Amalgam Separators, Dental Lead Recycling, Dental Sharps Disposal and Dental Medical Waste Disposal. Our programs are approved by the US Postal Service, and we comply with all federal and state regulations. Our mail-back programs are designed to be extremely convenient and economical. Our mail-back services are very simple and easy to use. After ordering, simply fill the container and mail it back for destruction using the pre-paid postage.
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Mail Back Dental Amalgam | Acceptable Materials



Acceptable Materials

1. Dental amalgam.

2. Materials containing dental amalgams

3. Elemental Mercury

4. Amalgam separator traps

5. Teeth - if sterilized.

6. Amalgam capsules.


Non-Acceptable Materials

1. Cyanides or cyanide-containing materials.

2. Reactives.

3. Flammables or Combustibles.

4. Organic Mercury Components.

5. Mercury-Contaminated Soils.

6. Activated Carbon containing mercury.

7. No Medical waste or sharps.