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    Mail Your Sharps Offers:Dental Amalgam Recycling, Dental Amalgam Separators, Dental Lead Recycling, Dental Sharps Disposal and Dental Medical Waste Disposal. Our programs are approved by the US Postal Service, and we comply with all federal and state regulations. Our mail-back programs are designed to be extremely convenient and economical. Our mail-back services are very simple and easy to use. After ordering, simply fill the container and mail it back for destruction using the pre-paid postage.
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Mail-Back Lead Foil Recycling

Lead foil is used as a specialized packaging to shield x-ray film, and is commonly found in dental offices. As a result of the dangers of lead poisoning, the disposal of lead is federally regulated and lead cannot be deposited in municipal landfills. To reduce the amount of lead pollution, lead foil waste generated in a dental office must be properly recycling.

Mail Your Sharps, Inc. provides an environmentally safe solution for recycling lead-based materials, and is a leading national provider of Mail-Back Lead Foil Recycling Systems.

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1 Gallon Mail-Back Lead Foil Recycling System:

Each registered system includes outbound shipping, container, liner, liner tie, instructions, tape, return shipping box, manifest paperwork, return shipping, and proper recycling.

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