Mercury Spill Kits

Where else are mercury and mercury wastes found?
Medical equipment such as thermometers and blood pressure reading devices. Certain thermostats also contain mercury switches. Fluorescent bulbs, and some high-intensity lamps. Electrical equipment with switches, relays or temperature controls (thermostats).


Mercury Spill Kit 1000x1000

Mercury Spill Kit System:

The Mercury Spill Kit provides a compliant method to handle mercury spills. It contains a 2 oz. pouch of Safetec Green Z, 1 pair of large Nitrile gloves, safety shield, 2 scoops and scrapers, white bag, 4 oz. bottle of absorbent activator, 9"x12" slide lock bag, mercury caution label and directions.

*NOTE: We DO NOT ship this product to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico

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