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Mail back Medical Waste Systems


This Mail-Back Medical Waste System contains everything required to properly and safely package and dispose of your non-sharps regulated medical waste (i.e., soft waste such as used cotton balls, gauze, tongue depressors and gloves). When properly packaged by the waste generator, this Mail-Back Waste System will meet all U.S. Postal Service requirements for sending non-sharps medical waste to a disposal site through the U.S. Mail. The generator must not place this system in the mail if it is not properly and securely assembled. Please follow these instructions when using the Mail-Back Medical Waste System.



1. Instruction sheet

2. White outer shipping box with Biohazard symbol and Merchandise Return Label

3. Brown Inner Box

4. Plastic Bag with Tie

5. Red medical waste collection container with absorbent material inside

6. Two strips of tape

7. Serialized Tracking Document in a plastic carrier on outer shipping box



1. Remove the white KIT from the mailing box you received it in and discard the original mailing box.

2. Open the white outer shipping box.

3. Open the brown the brown inner box, but DO NOT REMOVE from the white outer shipping box.

4. Open the plastic bag inside the brown inner box and remove red medical waste container.

5. Remove the cover on the red medical waste container by pushing back on the lever with your thumb while turning the cover to unscrew it.

6. DO NOT discard the outer shipping box, the brown inner box, the plastic bag or the cover for the red medical waste container. Save all of these packaging items in a dry area. They must be used to properly reassemble the container system prior to mailing.



1. Place the red medical waste container (with cover removed) near the point of use. Always be sure to keep the container away from children and untrained persons.

2. Place regulated medical waste into the red container. Do not place any sharps waste directly in the red bucket.

3. Once the contents reach the maximum capacity, firmly screw the cover back onto the container. Make sure the lid is tight and secure. DO NOT FILL PAST LINE ON CONTAINER.



1. Place the properly sealed red medical waste container back into the plastic bag that is inside the brown inner box.

2. Securely seal the plastic bag using the tie provided.

3. To close the brown inner box that contains the sealed plastic bag and red medical waste container, first fold the smaller flaps down. Then fold the larger flaps down so that the edge of each flap meets together at the center point. Use one strip of the tape provided to securely seal the entire length of the surface where the edges meet and allow the tape to overlap onto the sides of the brown inner box for a secure seal. If the seal does not appear to be secure, apply your own additional packaging tape to securely seal the brown inner box.

4. Close the white outer shipping box that holds the sealed brown inner bow. Securely seal the white outer shipping box using the second strip of tape provided. Cut the tape into approximately four strips of equal length and firmly apply two of the strips about three inches apart along the edge where the inter-locking lid is located. Position the remaining two strips by placing one strip in the middle of each side edge that is perpendicular to the inter-locking lid edge. Making sure the tape is securely applied.



1. Remove the four-part Tracking Document from the plastic envelope affixed to the side of the white outer shipping box. In the section marked "Generator", where your address is printed, print and sign your name, and date the Document. If your information is not printed or is not correct, print or correct the information prior to mailing the container system. YOU MUST INCLUDE A PHONE NUMBER.

2. Remove the back copy of the Tracking Document and retain for your records.

3. Place the three remaining copies of the Tracking Document into the plastic envelope on the side of the white outer shipping box, and close the envelope, (if you are in a state that requires it's own documents, insert the documents in the envelope behind the Tracking Document) the manufacturer or supplier will maintain a record of the shipping containers and the Tracking Document, recording that your used medical waste was received and disposed of.



1. Enter your complete return address on the Merchandise Return Service mailing label located on the top of the white outer shipping box. NO P.O. Boxes allowed.

2. Take the properly sealed container system to any U.S. Post Office or give to your postal carrier for mailing.



1. Do not place sharps waste in container system.

2. Used medical waste must be disposed of properly to prevent injury. DO NOT OVERFILL!

3. Do not place hazardous or radioactive contaminated medical waste or waste in this container system.

4. Total residual fluid allowed is 50 ml.

5. Total weight per container system is limited to 25 pounds.