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1, 2, and 5 Gallon Dental Amalgam Mail Back System | Packing Instructions


Packing Instructions For:

1,2 and 5 Gallon Dental Amalgam Mail back Systems


Kit includes:

1. (1) 1, 2 or 5 gallon white container and lid with a gasket.

2. (1) 3 mil poly plastic outer liner.

3. (1) 3 mil poly plastic inner liner.

4. (2) White zip ties, one for the inner liner and one for the outer bag.

5. (1) Brown return shipping box. SAVE THIS BOX FOR RETURN SHIPPING.

6. (1) Strip of release tape to secure the container lid.

7. "Acceptable/Non Acceptable Material List" for the products that these kits can handle.

8. Certificate of Disinfection.

9. FedEx Ground Package Return Program (PRP)  yellow instructions.



1. Place amalgam or amalgam containing components in the inner liner, inside the white container.

2. Use (1) zip tie to securely close inner liner.

3. Screw locking lid tightly on white container.

4. After securing lid, place tape from the lid to the side of the container.

5. Place white container in clear plastic outer bag provided and secure with the second zip tie.

6. Place bagged white container in brown shipping box.

7. Fill out and sign “Certification of Disinfection” form and place into brown shipping box.

8. Seal the top of the brown shipping box with packing tape.

9. Fill out the FedEx “PRP” return label. This information is Required. You will receive a Certificate of Recycling (upon request) from the information on the label.

10. Call the 800 number on the box and FedEx will pick up the next business day.

Note: The 5 gallon dental amalgam mailback kit is intended for large filters and traps only. Do not use this container to dispose of non-Mercury containing wastes.