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Mail-Back Sharps Disposal For Law Enforcement

law enforcement


Our mail-back sharps disposal systems are ideal for public safety officers who may encounter needles and syringes in the field, as well as in internment facilities, or wherever bloodborne pathogens or sharps waste may be generated in a law-enforcement setting. By placing our sharps disposal systems in officer vehicles or at your facility, you encourage proper disposal of sharps waste, keeping employees safe from any potential infection.

After filling each unit, place in the enclosed return shipping container, fill out necessary tracking information, and give to your postal carrier for delivery back to our facility for destruction.


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 Five - 1.4 Quart Sharps Mail-Back Disposal Systems

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1 gallon

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1 Gallon Mail-Back Sharps Disposal System

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Suggested Products

1.4 Quart Mail-Back Sharps Disposal System

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